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International Mother Language Day is a worldwide annual observance held on 21 February to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and promote multilingualism. In this reason, Robi gives a chance to win smartphone. Join International Mother Language Day Quiz Campaign and win smartphone.


Important information:

  • To be eligible for the contest, Robi users have to subscribe and active in any of the service of WAP and SMS based Girls Zone during the campaign period.
  • Only the participants who will reach to the given benchmark (018 &/or 016 series) will be eligible to win the prizes
  • User of any 018 and 016 series will be eligible to play the quiz and need to reach the given benchmark points to be eligible for the winners.
  • One NID cannot be entertained as the winner for more than one time.
  • Each correct answer will carry 1 point for regular question. For correct Bonus answer, user will get 5 points.
  • For incorrect answer, there will be zero point, no penalty for wrong answer.
  • Users can check their current score and combined score at any time during the contest.
  • Whoever touches the given benchmark points will be rewarded. Winner will be selected as first come first arrival basis.
  • Those who will reach to the benchmark but not arrive as first basis, get complimentary gift pack.

Campaign Modality & Activation / Deactivation Process:

  • Participation through SMS: Robi user needs to subscribe Girls Zone (SMS) service to participate to this contest. Needs to send ‘START GZ’ to 16214 or dial *16214*1*8*1#.
  • Participation through WAP: Robi user needs to subscribe Girls Zone (WAP) service. User can get the WAP link by sending START WGZ to 16214 by visiting the link
  • After subscription of any one service or both the services, user can play the quiz and collect the points. There will be no points for downloading content from Girls Zone WAP service.
  • For SMS &/or WAP quiz, each right answer will carry 1 point and its charged TK 2.00 (+Taxes) for per quiz attempt.
  • There will be no negative marking for wrong answer but 0 (Zero) marking will be applicable.
  • To get the last question through SMS, user needs to send LQ to 16214. For WAP part, user will get the un-answered question in Quiz segment.
  • There will be bonus question (after 5 numbers of questions). Right answer of bonus question will carry 5 points and 0 (Zero) for wrong answer.
  • If anyone stops playing, he/she will not get any question further but score will be remained as it is until deactivation.
  • Subscriber can see the accumulated score (if play both SMS and WAP mode) by typing SCORE to 16214 or by visiting quiz link of Girls Zone WAP portal.
  • For playing in WAP mode, data charge is applicable along with content/subscription/quiz charges.
  • Registered user will get daily one SMS content from girls’ zone service at TK 2.00 (+SD, VAT&SC).
  • Registered user will get daily 5 free content download facility from girl’s zone service at TK 2.00 (+SD, VAT&SC) with auto renewal. Additional content download after consuming free content will be charged as per regular tariff TK 2.00 (+SD, VAT &SC).
  • For more details, please visit
  • There will be theme based quiz questions like music, sports, history, Bangladesh, general knowledge, cricket, etc.

Terms & conditions

  • Robi Axiata Limited & ZIP IT Limited will be solely responsible for notifying the winners and disbursing the gratifications.
  • Achieving the benchmark through any fraudulent means or using technical loop-holes will not be considered valid. Example: Using application or software (non-Human interaction) for answering questions, finding means to answer questions free of charge, spamming the system, finding means to achieve benchmark without answering question etc.
  • If any fraudulent cases are found Robi will have the right to block the user from this campaign and any other campaign in future without any compromise.
  • It will be presumed that by participating in the quiz, subscriber has fully read and understood the terms and conditions applicable for this campaign (general & specific terms and conditions-mentioned in Robi Website & portal) and have agreed to it and are obliged to maintain it.
  • General Terms & Conditions: httts://
  • Employees of Robi, Genex and ZIP IT Limited cannot participate to this campaign.

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