Skitto SIM Offer 2023 – Best Internet Offers In Bangladesh

If you are searching Skitto Sim Offer? Then you are in the right place. Skitto SIM is Grameenphone’s digital SIM, which Grameenphone Bangladesh operates. The most significant benefit of Skitto SIM is the low-cost internet service. And specifically designed for data-hungry. And you’ll get lots of offers on this SIM. It’s basically an internet SIM so the net price is lower than other SIM.

Today I am showing you some exclusive skitto sim data offers. Skitto is the most popular sim from Grameenphone for their exclusive internet offers. Get low-price internet offer, minutes offer and SMS offer by joining the Skitto family. We will share with you Skitto SIM Offer 2022 so that you will enjoy free 21.9GB internet, 100 Free SMS and more attractive offers to buy a new skitto sim.

What Is Skitto SIM?

Skitto SIM is a digital product that’s specially designed for a data-hungry, digitally savvy generation like you! With a new Skitto SIM and a super simple and fun app, you can control all Skitto features with just a touch. Whether you make a call, buy data packs or SMS, you don’t have to get lost in the jungle of USSD codes and endless “darun_offers”.

Skitto is a digital-only mobile service provider that operates in Bangladesh. Skitto offers a range of prepaid mobile plans that are designed to be flexible and affordable, with a focus on data usage.

Skitto New SIM Offer – 21.9GB Free Internet

Skitto New SIM Offer

If you are not using skitto sim? And you still searching skitto sim offer then you must have bought skitto new sim right now. New skitto sim user getting 21.9GB free internet, SMS, and many more offer. Here I am showing you how to get this skitto sim offer:

Offer DetailsPriceValidity
512MB DataFree30 Days
10Tk BalanceFree30 Days
100 SMSFree30 Days
4GB DataOn app registration15 Days
1GB DataOn forum registration7 Days
1 GB DataTo use promo code7 Days
1 GB DataOn online reload7 Days
2.4GB (1.2GB + 1.2GB Free)17 Tk7 Days
Source- Skitto Official Website

Skitto SIM Internet Offer

Though the internet package price of Grameenphone is very high but skitto is offering internet opportunities at a very low price. Here I am showing you all skitto internet offers, you will find them in the skitto official app. Buy this internet package from skitto official app.

Offer DetailsPriceValidity
150MB9 Tk3 Days
1GB32 Tk3 Days
1GB + 25 Min42 Tk3 Days
1.5GB43 Tk3 Days
2GB57 Tk3 Days
4.4GB68 Tk3 Days
6GB78 Tk3 Days
8GB89 Tk3 Days
10GB98 Tk3 Days
3.5GB + 150 Min149 Tk7 Days
5GB + 100 Min118 Tk7 Days
5.7GB90 Tk7 Days
8GB107 Tk7 Days
20GB148 Tk7 Days
25GB177 Tk7 Days
1GB96 Tk15 Days
2.5GB + 150 Min183 Tk15 Days
3GB + 200 Min229 Tk15 Days
12GB + 350 Min469 Tk15 Days
1GB + 320 Min207 Tk30 Days
1GB + 500 Min307 Tk30 Days
3.5GB + 100 Min178 Tk30 Days
6GB197 Tk30 Days
7GB + 200 Min249 Tk30 Days
10GB249 Tk30 Days
20GB + 250 Min397 Tk30 Days
22GB309 Tk30 Days
40GB + 350 Min489 Tk30 Days
80GB + 1000 Min899 Tk30 Days
50GB398 Tk30 Days
Source- Skitto

How To Buy Skitto SIM

Get Skitto SIM

To buy skitto sim you can follow this step:

  • Grameenphone Skitto SIM Price 200 Tk
  • For new SIM 512MB instant data free for Skitto App Setup
  • 14GB Data Free ( 4.8GB/Month Validity 7 days)
  • Buy online Click This link 
  • Go to the nearest Grameenphone Customer Care to buy Skitto SIM
  • Skitto app download from the play store to buy all internet packs 
  • To check balance or data balance dial *121*1#

Frequently Asked Questions About Skitto SIM Offer

Skitto SIM offer

What is the price of Skitto sim?

The new skitto sim card price is 200 Tk.

Where to buy skitto SIM card?

You can buy skitto SIM card from their official site “” or your nearest shops.

What is the new offer on skitto sim card?

There are lots of new offers on skitto sim. You have to read this article from top to button to know about skitto’s new offer.

What documents do I need to buy this sim card?

To buy new skitto sim you need a NID card only.

I am just sharing Skitto SIM Internet package. If you have faced any problems getting this internet offer or any suggestions regarding Skitto SIM Offer just leave them below in the comment section.

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