How to Active GP eSIM?

Grameenphone allows you to change the physical sim into an eSIM in BD. However, the eSIM can only be used in a device that is compatible with an eSIM. So, if you want to convert your physical Sim to an eSIM in Bangladesh, here is a complete guide for active GP eSIM.

  • Step-1: Choose your plan.
  • Step-2: Choose your mobile number.
  • Step-3: Complete the biometric verification process.
  • Step-4: Turn on the internet connection in your handset.
  • Step-5: Scan the QR Code found in the SIM kit.
  • Step-6: Follow the step-by-step process based on your handset.

Remember, the complete activation process can take up to 2 hours with GP. So if still it hasn’t been activated, contact Grameenphone customer support.

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Benefits of eSIM:

eSIMs are beneficial for everyone, including OEM manufacturers, users, and telecom operators. Here are some benefits of using eSIM in Bangladesh:

  • It stores multiple cellular profiles and hence it works seamlessly across the world.
  • No specific slot is required, unlike SIM cards. Hence it is ideal for space-constrained IoT devices.
  • There is no possibility to lose the card as it is tied to the device itself.
  • It is possible to have eSIM controllable over the air. Hence it is easy to be used by network operators.
  • It provides the same level of security as a removable SIM card. It also supports the integrity of the billing process during roaming scenarios.
  • eSIM enables simple management of subscriptions and connections. Hence end-users need not have to manage multiple SIM cards.

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