Banglalink internet offer 2022

Banglalink launched in February 2005, with over 30 million subscribers over a decade, Banglalink was the catalyst in making mobile telephony an affordable option for consumers in Bangladesh.
Banglalink mission: “Bringing mobile telephony to the masses”, which was the cornerstone of Banglalink’s strategy.

Banglalink 2020 Internet offers

Banglalink provides different types of internet offers. According to demand, you choose Banglalink Internet offers. Banglalink Internet offers are designed according to the demands of the customers. So, keep eyes on the following offers. It will help you to choose the best offers.

Postpaid Internet offers

Banglalink postpaid packages come with a 30 days validity. Internet pack is associated with your bill cycle and carried through the rest of the remaining days of the current month.

15 GB1500 tkactivate here
8 GB900 tkactivate here
5 GB499 tkactivate here
4 GB500 tkactivate here
3 GB399 tkactivate here
2 GB350 tkactivate here
1.5 GB275 tkactivate here
1 GB210 tkactivate here

Banglalink Internet Setting

Almost 100% of the smartphone can manage internet settings automatically. Sometimes few phones unable to get automatic messages. You can set manually your internet profile.To set the internet automatically goes to the message option. Then write “ALL” and send it to 3343. To set manually change the device configuration option. Go to setting options. Then go mobile internet option. And add this information: Connection/Profile: Banglalink-WEB

  • APN(Access Point Name): blweb
  • IP:
  • Port: 8799

How to check Banglalink Balance

To check out the internet balance you have to dial *5000*500#.

Banglalink check you need to sent sms type bill send 121

Monthly Internet Packages

Monthly pack comes with 30 days validity.

1 GB119 tk*5000*503# or recharge 119 tk
2 GB209 tk*5000*566# or recharge 209 tk
3 GB249 tk*5000*249# or recharge 249 tk
5 GB399 tk*5000*599# or recharge 399 tk
7 GB499 tk*5000*508# or recharge 499 tk

Banglalink  internet Balance Check (Prepaid User)

  • Power Menu *789#
  • Main Account Balance *124#
  • Internet Data Volume *121*1# or *5000*500#
  • SMS Balance *124*2# or *124*3#

1 GB Internet at 76 Tk

Exclusive 4GB internet package 1 GP only 76 Tk. Recharge 76 TK and get this exclusive offer. The total validity is about 7 days. You can purchase this package using Banglalink Apps. The total cost including Vat and taxes is 76BDT.  Activation code: *5000*76#.
Validity: 30 days.

1 GB Internet at 36 Tk

If you need 1GB data for a short period at a low cost, you can choose these packages. This package valid for 4 days only. The total cost is 36 BDT.

Activation Code: Dial *5000*36#

Validity: 4 Days

1 GB Internet at 119 TK

1 GB internet package with 30 days validity costs only 119 Tk.To activate the package dial *5000*503#.

2GB Internet at 49 Tk

This is another blast internet offer by Banglalink. Get 2GB 4G internet package only 49 Tk. Enjoy this internet pack and share it with your friends. Activation code: dial *5000*49#.
Validity: 4 days.

2 GB Internet at 89 Tk

2GB data package with 5 days validity only at 89tk. To buy this offer, one needs to dial *5000*516#. 

2 GB Internet at 209 Tk

2GB internet package with 30 days validity costs only 209 Tk. To activate the package dial *5000*581#

3GB Internet at 99Tk

3GB 4G internet package only 99tk with a 7 days validity. You can dial *5000*799# or recharge 99 Taka to avail of this offer.

5 GB Internet at 108 Tk

This package is designed for the Banglalink heavy users. It is one of the low costing high volume packages. With 108 BDT you will get 5 GB Internet for 7 days. You can buy these packages by USSD *5000*108# code or Banglalink Apps. 

6 GB Internet at 129 Tk

With 129 BDT you will get 6 GB internet for 7 days. This package is designed for the Banglalink heavy users. Dial *5000*577# or Recharge exact 129 BDT to activate this package.

10 GB Internet at 199 Tk

Banglalink offering 10GB internet package with just 199 Taka.This internet pack is the highest volume data pack of Banglalink. This package validity only 7 days, If you are a heavy user, then you can choose this pack. To purchase this package, Dial *5000*199# or Recharge 199 BDT exact amount.

Daily Packages

50 MB13 tk*5000*543#
1 GB17 tk*5000*14#

We are always trying to give up the latest banglalink Internet offers. We are only sharing the offer from the banglalink website. They can change any offer any time and we are not responsible for any data loss. We are highly recommended to check out our website and banglalink official website for the latest updates.

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