Airtel Gives Onnet Bundle Offers


Introducing new recharge bundles for customers. Enjoy a storm of minutes, internet and SMS

Airtel gives Onnet minutes 75, sms 80, 3G Data 23 MB for Validity (Days) 3, USSD *123*23# only tk 23.

Onnet minutes 150, sms 160, 3G Data 46 MB for Validity (Days) 7, USSD *123*46# only tk 46.

Onnet minutes 210, sms 64, 3G Data 64 MB for Validity (Days) 10, USSD *123*64# only tk 64.

Onnet minutes 375, sms 115, 3G Data 115 MB for Validity (Days) 21, USSD *123*115# only tk 115.

Check your talk time, SMS and Internet by dialing *778*2525#. Recharge amount will NOT go to customer’s Main Account

In this offer SD, VAT & SC applicable.

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