Airtel Bondho Sim Offer 2022 Updated List

Airtel Bondho Sim Offer is now available on mobile news bd! Yes! Welcome to our website, where you’ll get great Airtel Reactivation SIM deals. Today, I’m going to share some Airtel Bondho SIM deal 2021 May with all of you! Return to Airtel SIM for great internet deals, Social Packs, call rate discounts, and other perks. Returning to Airtel, for just 44 Taka, you can get 5GB of internet and 45 paisa minutes. You may also get a 5GB Social Pack for 44 Taka. This deal is valid for Airtel Closed SIM at the moment. You may purchase the deal if your connection is under closed SIM. The following is a list of the information needed for this offer:

How to check Airtel closed connection: Customers can verify the Bondho SIM offer by dialing * 999 #. If you are eligible for the offer, you can avail the offer at a recharge of 44Taka. Below are all the data, minute packs.

Dial *999# or Type 0160000000 and send to 9000

Airtel All Silent Sim offer:

If you are eligible for Airtel Off SIM and you want to activate the offer, you will need to recharge 44 Taka first to activate it. If you do not recharge 44 Taka, you will not be eligible for the offer. To get this offer Recharge 44 (BDT).

Data Volume Recharge Amount Validity
5GB + 45 Paisa Min Tk. 44 30 days
  • Airtel Reactivation sim 5GB Internet 44Tk (30 days)
  • Minutes / Call rates: Any Local operator 45 paisa/mini, 1-second pulse is applicable (30 days)

Call 121 for details.

Airtel Bondho SIM offer

109 Taka recharge 5GB internet:

Scheduled Airtel prepaid customers will get attractive internet and minute offers by recharging 109 Taka. You renew the Airtel closed SIM connection, and then recharge at just 109 Taka for which you can enjoy 5GB internet and 100 minutes talk time, for 30 days.

  • You can enjoy 3G and 4G network offers.
  • To active this offer, recharges 109 Taka.
  • You get 5GB Internet pack.
  • Internet validity is 30 days.
  • To internet balance check, dial * 3 #.
  • To minute balance check, dial * 778 * 29 #.
  • The Internet can be enjoyed 24 hours, 30 days.

Airtel 5GB Internet 45 Taka:

Airtel has published 5GB internet with 45 paisa minutes talk-time offer with 44 Taka for closed connection. Wow! It is amazing. And with it came the best call rate offers in Bangladesh. Price per minute is 45 paise second (any local operator). So, hurry up and get this pack. You will need to recharge  44 Taka to avail this offer. Enjoy 5GB Internet, 45 paisa minutes and special call rate.

Offer Includes:

  • 45 paisa Minute talktime packges (any operator).
  • 5GB data for any time use.
  • Validity is 30 days (24 hours).
  • You can purchase this pack multiple times.Great news! By activating your Airtel reactivate SIM, you can get attractive offers. There is a special call rate, 3GB Social pack, you can enjoy by recharging only 12 BDT.
  • To check data balance Press * 3 #.
Check - Robi Bondho SIM offer

Social Pack 3GB @ 12Tk :

Come back to the Airtel Bondho SIM but you will get 3GB internet for only Tk.12 for Facebook and Instagram. This 3GB great internet pack will be able to buy for 15 days. You will be able to use the Airtel great social pack for three months. Find Out Your Great Internet Offer!

To verify eligibility: Eligible customers will be contacted via SMS. Also dial * 999 # to find out if you are eligible for this offer.

Social Pack Terms & Condition:

  • This pack will be eligible for offer by Airtel’s Prepaid Closed SIM users.
  • 3GB Internet (Only useful for Facebook and Instagram)
  • Its duration is 15 days (360 hours).
  • Dial * 3 # to check Social Pack balance
  • Internet can be used any networks.
  • Unused data cannot be used

Terms & Condition:

  • All Airtel prepaid customers are eligible for this offer.
  • Customers will get the above-mentioned offer by recharging only 54 Taka.
  • Enjoy the best call rates in the country with your closed SIM activation. There will be interesting recharge offers for the next 6 months.
  • You can check the minute offer by dialing *778*56#.
  • Each customer can check internet balance by dialing *3#.
  • The amount of recharge of Tk 54 will not be added to the customer’s account.
  • To check Internet balance, dial *8444*88# .
  • You can enjoy these offers on 2G / 3G / 4G SIM.
  • Customers can enjoy the Internet 24 hours a day.
  • This is a limited time off.
  • Source: Airtel

Airtel is the largest mobile operator in Bangladesh. They often offer great offer to customers. Some people like to take Airtel Win-back offers. All prepaid customers will be able to enjoy the Airtel Bondho SIM offer 2020 July.

Airtel 3GB Pack:

Airtel is given 3GB data offer for all customers. It is excellent data offer for Airtel customers. Airtel Bondho SIM back can actually enjoy 3GB internet offer but will have to be used on 2G/3G/4G networks. Every Bondho SIM user can easily enjoy this Internet pack. The offer is priced at only 54 Taka. You are getting 54 GB for 3GB internet and 03 days duration. It has to use 1GB Internet 4G SIM Which applies to each customer? You need to dial the USSD code to activate this data pack. To avail the offer, please recharge 54 or dial * 123 * 054 #.

  • To Active this offer Recharge Tk. 54
  • For 1GB (4G) networks.
  • Dial * 3 # to check data.

Airtel 500 MB offer:

Internet festivals are running at Airtel across the country. You can get 500 MB internet by restarting your closed Airtel SIM for just 29 Taka. If you buy this great offer for 29 Taka you will get 500 MB internet. To start the offer dial * 123 * 025 # or recharge at  29 BDT.

  • Receive offers within 3 days.
  • You can use this offer 4.5G network.

Airtel 1.5GB offer:

Come back to enjoy Airtel Bondho SIM Special 3GB Internet Offer for only 38 Taka. Great offer period is 3 days. You can dial *123 *038# to avail this offer or recharge at Tk 38. After that, the offer will be launched.

  • Offer available at: 1.5 GB Internet (4.5 GB applicable for SIM)
  • Internet Term – 03 days.

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