Airtel Balance Check – For Bangladesh 2022

Mobile users generally check their balance on a daily basis. In Bangladesh, there are a variety of mobile carriers. If you are Aitel user you need Airtel Balance Check and sometimes Gp-Grameenphone, Teletalk, Banglalink – Bl, and Robi also. The USSD Code can be used to check your mobile balance. It’s difficult to remember all of the telecom operator’s USSD balance checking codes. So, in this article, we’ll explain you how to check your GP, Teletalk, Bl-Banglalink, and Robi mobile balance. In this post You’ll also learn how to Airtel Balance Check through various way.

How to Check Mobile Mobile Balance

Mobile Balance Checking is too Easy task. You just need a mobile USSD code to remind. Mobile Balance Checking USSD code is different from operators to Operators. Here we have added all USSD Codes
• Grameenphone Balance Checking USSD Code: *566#
• Robi Balance Checking USSD Code: *222#
• Airtel Balance Check USSD Code: *778#
• Banglalink Balance Checking USSD Code: *124#
• Teletalk Balance Checking USSD Code: *152#

How to Airtel Balance Check in Bangladesh?

Airtel is the comparatively new mobile operator in BD. Airtel Mobile Balance can be checked by dialing *778#. Like other mobile operators, A Flush message will show up your balances. *141*10# is the emergency balance code of Airtel. Hope, you can get the information about the airtel account balance check or airtel sim balance check.

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How to check Teletalk mobile Balance?

Teletalk mobile balance can be checked via a similar way of other mobile operators. Teletalk is the only government-owned organization. To check the Teletalk mobile balance you have to dial *152#. There is another way to check Teletalk mobile balance. Simply type U and send to 111. On the return Message, you will be acknowledged about the teletalk mobile balances.

Teletalk also provides emergency balance to its customers. To check emergency balance you need to dial *1122# or SMS send SMS by writing STATUS to 1122.

How to check Gp balance?

You have to dial the USSD Code from your Grameenphone Sim to check Gp Balance. The USSD code is *566#. A Popover message will show you the account balance. Gp also provides emergency balances to their customers. Emergency Balance can be checked by dialing *121*1*2#.

How to check Robi Balance?

Robi is one of the oldest mobile operators in Bangladesh. Robi, previously known as Aktel, account balance can be checked by dialing *222#. To check the emergency balances *222*16#.
By following the above code one able to know the Robi sim balance check
How to check Banglalink Balance?
Banglalink is the fastest growing mobile operator in Bangladesh. Banglalink balance checking code is *124#. You have to dial this USSD code to check the balances. Banglalink Emergency balance can be checked by the same number of the balance check.

How to Get Emergency Balance of GP, Robi, Airtel, Teletalk and Banglink?
In some cases, mobile balances can be run out. You need to call or text your nearest and dearest one. What will happen if you don’t have any mobile balance? For you, the mobile operators company provides facilities of emergency balances. You have to dial USSD Code to receive emergency balances

  • GP Emergency Balance Code *1010*1#
  • Robi Emergency Balance Code *8811*1#
  • Airtel Balance Code *141*10#
  • Teletalk Emergency Balance Code *1122#
  • Banglalink Emergency Balance Code *874#

Note: For Robi Emergency Balance you have register by dialling above code. You can cancel at any time. To cancel Robi Emergency Balance or Jhotphot Balance Services you have to dial *8811*1*1*2# or type STOP and send message to 8811

GP, Airtel, Banglalink, Robi, Teletalk Emergency Balance Check

• Gp Emergency Balance Check: *121*1*2#
• Robi Emergency Balance Check: *222*16#.
• Airtel Emergency Balance Check: *141*10#
• Teletalk Emergency Balance Check: *1122#
• Banglalink Emergency Balance Check: *124#.

All Mobile Balance Check Code at a Glances

Operator Name Balance Check Emergency Balance Check
Grameenphone *566# *121*1*2#
Robi *222# *222*16# *8#
Airtel *778# *141*10#
Banglalink *124# *124#.
Teletalk *152# *1122#

This is all about the Bangladeshi operators’ balance checking codes. I hope you will be able to get the appropriate ussd code for checking GP, Airtel, Robi, Teletalk, and Banglalink balances.

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