Top 5 Best Antivirus for iPhone or iPad

Antivirus software is the exact thing to help ensure that our device and information is kept safe. There are many antivirus apps available on Apple Store who promises their users to work the best but not find very useful and valuable. So below I’ve listed the top 5 best antivirus apps for MAC that actually help you to save your personal data from hackers and malware’s.

Lookout MAC Security

The Lookout app is available as a free download from the Apple app store, and I had no trouble installing it on my iPhone 6$330.99 at Amazon. Setup took only a few seconds, and an included tutorial showed off all the features of the app. To get the full Lookout experience, you’ll want to install the app on your Apple Watch$699.99 at Apple Store, as well. Though Lookout is free, there is also a premium subscription version available as well. For $2.99 a month, Lookout grants access to the Theft Alerts feature, but more on that later.

Avast Secure Me

You are familiar to Avast and they provide us vast collection of anti virus app for free and pro versions for all available platform. It is free to download for your iPhone from App Store and from Avast Website. The Avast Secure Me protect being known as world’s first app that protects all iOS devices while device is connected to WLAN or Wi-Fi.

This app allows you to auto search for all available Wi-Fi and notifies you whether it is safe or not. Although, Avast Secure Me features virtual private network (VPN) which allows you to encrypt browsing experience. It helps you to protect your emails, browser history, and personal data from thieves.

McAfee Security

This one is one of the most oldest and popular antivirus app. The services it provides are just amazing since its released time. McAfee has all necessary rights for your need.

Like other antivirus applications McAfee also supply full control over your phone and also give you accurate information for any threats.

It is not paid this app is totally free and you can download it from Apple Play Store.

Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security is known for delivering powerful, effective and a reliable protection for iPhone and iPad. It keeps tracing for any threat in your iPhone continuously and notifies you about the same. On top of it, Norton also makes sure that your data gets backed up regularly. Moreover, Norton Mobile Security can also find your iPhone if it gets lost. It saves the last location of iPhone before it is shut down and triggers an alarm to locate the same quickly. Hence, Norton stays a strong contender in this list of the best antivirus for iPhone in 2016.

Avira Mobile Security for iOS

This anti virus is capable of protecting your personal information or data like your iPnone’s contacts, Media files, Emails and even your credit card numbers. Avira Mobile Security app is helpful to find your lost iPhone, app can track your iPhone’s pin point geo-location. Commonly, Avira Mobile Security protects your iPhone device from malicious threats, also blocks unwanted calls,prevents banking Trojans and much more.

Protecting our phones, and other devices, is incredibly important based on how we use them now; to store information and to help us with our day-to-day tasks. A lot of what we keep on our phone we would not want another person getting their hands on. Nor would we want it being destroyed by a virus of any sort. That is why getting an anti-virus app for your iPhone or iPad should be a priority.

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