Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is coming with Sport Under-Display and Fingerprint Sensor

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the biggest phones Samsung’s ever made, not to mention one of the best, and there’s no doubt that the company will follow it up next year with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

SAMSUNG’S Galaxy S9 and Note 9 will be unveiled next year and the Korean company is thought to be working on a vital new piece of technology for their latest flagships.

Some of the features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 are as follows:

The biggest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 rumor relates to its fingerprint scanner, which could be built into the screen.

Samsung Note 9 will come equipped with an “under-display optical fingerprint” scanner allowing users to unlock their device by simply by placing a finger on the phone’s screen.

That’s all we’ve heard so far, but there are some things we’re fairly confident the Galaxy Note 9 will have. For one thing, it’s almost certainly going to have a large Super AMOLED display, an S Pen stylus and at least 6GB of RAM, since the Note 8 does.

It’s also likely to retain the Note 8’s dual-lens camera, though probably with some improvements, and will likely have a curved screen.

Based on past models the Note 9 is also likely to sport whatever the top-end Snapdragon or Exynos chipset is at the time of its launch.

In-display fingerprint scanning is widely regarded as the next ‘holy grail’ of smartphone features, with a number of manufacturers hoping to be the first to launch a device sporting one.

With rumours coming in hot for the Galaxy Note 9, let’s not forget Samsung’s bread-and-butter flagships, the Galaxy S-Series. Samsung Mobile has now reported that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will one again come in two flavours, the model numbers of which have been reported to be SM-G960 for the Galaxy S9 and SM-G965 for the Galaxy S9+. Both smartphones will feature curved displays, just like the S8 series, and are also expected to inherit the Galaxy Note 8’s dual camera setup . The report further states that Samsung might launch a brand new Galaxy X, as a sort of a ‘one more thing’, which is tipped to ‘fold-out’ to a size of a tablet. While the other rumors seem likely to happen, we suggest taking the news about the Galaxy X with a pinch of slat, at least for now.

Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was announced on August 23 and released in September, while the short-lived Samsung Galaxy Note 7 followed a similar schedule the previous year.

So there’s a good chance that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be announced in late August 2018, before hitting stores possibly in mid to late September.

It will be announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.



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