Now banglalink Gives You Friend Finder Option

Some important keywords

Options Keyword Example Short code
Register Start<space>your name Start emon 2424
Add friend Add<space>friend number<space>friend name Add 019 xxxxxxxx marium 2424
Accept friend request Ok<space>friend number Ok 019 xxxxxxxx 2424
Find friend Find<space>friend number
Find<space>friend name
Find 019xxxxxxxx
Find emon
Check friends list Get<space>list Get list 2424
Get own presence in friends list Check Check 2424
Change the status for all Invisible
Invisible 2424
Change the status for specific number Invisible
Visible<space>friend number
Friend name
Invisible emon 2424
Check own status Status Status 2424
Find own location Find<space>me Find me 2424
Change friends nick name Ch<space>old friend name<space>new friend name Ch emon memon 2424
Help Help Help 2424
Delete friend Del<space>friend number
Del<space>friend name
Del 019xxxxxxx
Del zia
De-register Stop Stop 2424

Introducing the all new banglalink friend finder to help you locate your friends easily and conveniently.

Just send an sms to 2424 and find out where your friends are located.

Friend finder is an SMS based location tracking service which allows you to locate your friends, provided that the access is granted by your friend. Similarly, your friend can also locate you by following the same process.

How to register

  • Write start<space>your name
  • Send SMS to 2424

Once you have successfully registered, you can do the following:

How to add friends

  • Write add<space>friends mobile number<space>friends name
  • Send SMS to 2424

How to accept friends request

  • Write ok<space>friends mobile number
  • Send SMS to 2424

How to find friends location

  • Write find<space>friends mobile number or name
  • Send SMS to 2424

How to find your own location

  • Write find<space>me
  • Send SMS to 2424

Charges: tk. 2/sms (sd, vat and sc will be applicable)

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