How to find out if your iPhone is Genuine or Clone

iPhone is the most popular band in the mobile world. iPhone is a big brand known for its credibility, unique applications and security features. Here are some tips according to which you can identify if the iPhone you are buying is genuine or fake.

Physical Indicators

You need to check on these physical signs to ensure that your iPhone is the real one:

Check for the screws

The original iPhone uses the pentalobe security screw while the fake one uses the normal cross screws. The pentalobe security screw, from its name, has five lobes that provide a tamper-proof system for the iPhone. This is a good indicator for the consumer to ensure that they are buying the original iPhone.

Check the physical buttons

Another physical quality to note is that on the real iPhone, the sleep/wake button is on the top right corner, while the volume switch and ringer switch are on the upper left side. If the switch or buttons are not where they should be, then the phone you are looking at is a fake one. Some fake iPhones have the buttons in the right positions, however, feel the buttons by running your fingers on them. Press the buttons repeatedly to check if they are not loose and are improperly fitted. Clone iPhones have poor button quality.

Check the screen

The screen of original iPhone should be clear and not pixelated. iPhone’s screen uses a retina display that has a higher pixel density making the screen look crispier, livelier, and full of colors. Fake iPhones have dull colored screens due to the low-cost of their parts.

Check for the Apple logo

On the back of the phone, you must see an iPhone logo. If you can’t find the logo, then it is not a real iPhone. Some clone iPhones are so good in imitating the original ones that they also have the logo at their back. However, you can rub your finger over the logo. You will feel a transition from the phone cover to the Apple logo if you are having the fake one.

Check the font

Another thing that makes a fake iPhone really funny is when you try to check for the font on your messages, it gives you a Chinese character, so you have to configure your phone to enable English settings.

System Indicators

You can check these system indicators to distinguish a real iPhone from a fake one:

Check Serial Number and IMEI on Your iPhone

Every phone has a serial number and IMEI and so does every iPhone. They make difference between the original and refurbished iPhone because the serial number of every iPhone is assigned uniquely and can be checked on the official website of Apple, and the IMEI is also various from iPhone to iPhone. There are the serial number and IMEI on the box coming with the iPhone and thye should be the same as these in your iPhone.

To check your serial number and IMEI, please follow these steps:

Open Setting app on your iPhone. Tapping on “General”, click “About” and then scroll down. You will find the serial number and the IMEI soon.

Now you can check the serial number by visiting apple website if you get the message that sorry it is not valid, then it means your iPhone is not original.

Memory Card Slot

Original iPhone always has fixed memory capacity like 32 GB, 62GB, or 128GB. It doesn’t support Micro SD card, so there is no card slot by which you can expand the memory capacity. If you find this, then it must be fake.


iPhone is more and more popular. There are many fake iPhone in the market, so we hope this article will help you stay alerted and buy only the genuine iPhone.


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