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Airtel Bangladesh is another popular telecommunication in Bangladesh. Previously it was known as Warid but the company sold its most of the share in 2010 to Indian Airtel Limited and finally sold all of its share by the year 2013. Later, in the year 2016, the company announced to be merged with Robi telecommunication company and together they created the second largest telecommunication company in Bangladesh. Though most of the partnership is owned by Robi. In this content, you can find most popular Airtel offer:

All are FnF in recharge 99 Tk. or 26 Tk.

Now, all are FnF in Airtel. Recharge 99 Tk. or 26 Tk. and get 0.5paisa/sec to all Onnet numbers and 1 paisa/sec to other operators. Now, you can talk 24 hours same rate.

Terms and Condition:

  • To activate this call rate, you have to recharge 99 Tk. or 26 Tk.
  • Validity of 99 Tk. is 30 days
  • Validity of 26 Tk. is 7 days
  • On-net applies to both Airtel and Robi numbers
  • SD, VAT & SC applicable on rate
  • 1 second pulse also applicable

Now, have a friendly conversation without tension.

Airtel on net bundles offer

Airtel gives on net SMS, Minutes, MMS and MB in on net bundles offer for 2 days. Purchase 5 or 9 Tk. bundle pack and get on net SMS, Minutes, MMS and MB. 20 on net minutes, 20 on net SMS, 5 on net MMS and 10 MB in 5 Tk. bundle. On the other hand, 36 on net minutes, 9 on net SMS, 9 on net MMS and 9 MB in 9 Tk.

Terms and Condition:

  • To get 5 Tk. on net bundles you have to dial *121*301#
  • To get 5 Tk. on net bundles you have to dial *121*302#
  • Balance check for onnet bundles: *778*2525#
  • Balance check for Data volume: *8444*88#
  • Bundle benefits cannot be carried forward
  • VAT, SD, & SC will be applicable over bundle price
  • Charged amount will not be added to customer’s main account
  • On-net applies to both Airtel and Robi numbers

29 on net minutes ‍and 9 MB with 9 Tk. scratch card

Recharge 9 Tk. scratch card and get 29 minutes Airtel to Airtel or Airtel to Robi and 9 MB Internet for 2 days in Airtel.


  • To Activate type *787*16 Digit Hidden Number# and press dial
  • To check the balance, you have to dial *778*2525#
  • This amount will not be added in your main account.
  • To check data balance dial *8444*88#
  • SD, VAT & SC inclusive

Upon purchase of both onnet and local bundles at the same time, minutes and SMS from local bundles will be consumed first.

Local Bundle Offers

Airtel gives an exciting and affordable offer, only for you! Enjoy Local Bundle offers on specific recharging in Airtel.


  • To check the balance you have to dial *778*0#
  • To check remaining internet balance, dial *8444*88#
  • Any net minute & SMS applies to all local calls & SMS
  • Bundle benefits cannot be carried forward
  • This recharge amount will not be added to your main account
  • VAT, SD, SC included in bundle prices
  • During the campaign period, you will be eligible to purchase this pack as many times as they want


Super Duper Bonus

Now, Airtel gives 450% bonus on every recharge of BDT 28 and BDT 48. So, recharge 48 or 28 Tk. and get Super Duper Bonus!

Terms and Conditions:

You will get the 450% bonus on every recharge of BDT 28 and BDT 48. Recharge on 28Tk. you will get 28 Onnet Minute, 80 Onnet SMS and 28 MB Internet. On the otherside, recharge on 48 TK. and get 48 Onnet Minute, 138 Onnet SMS, 48 MB Internet. To check the balance dial *778*5555# and data balance check dial *8444*88#. You will enjoy a 1p/sec flat rate to all local calls while in this offer. The recharge amount will go to your main account. The rate for main account consumption will be 1paisa/sec to all operators. The bonus will have 10 sec pulse. Bonus can be enjoyed throughout 24 hours during the validity period. Recharge amount is inclusive of SD, VAT & SC. Onnet talk-time bonus can be used for Airtel and Robi both. If you are YOLO customers cannot enjoy this offer. You can get this offer by recharging once a day. On-net applies to both Airtel and Robi numbers

Airtel postpaid offer (½ p/s Airtel to Airtel, 1 p/s Airtel to other)

Airtel postpaid connection offers ½ paisa/sec (BDT 0.30/min) Airtel to Airtel and 1 paisa/sec (BDT 0.60/min) Airtel to other operator. 30 paisa/SMS in all local SMS. 26 paisa/MB (BDT 262.14/GB).


  • No Line Rent/Monthly Rental.
  • No FnF.
  • Particulars not mentioned (International SMS-BDT2.49, MMS-BDT 5 and Video call-BDT 1) will be generalized for Postpaid.
  • Existing postpaid customers can migrate into this new package.
  • Rates/particulars mentioned will be changed subject to regulatory/business decisions.
  • 5% Supplementary Duty (SD), 15 % VAT on tariff inclusive of SD and 1% surcharge on base tariff will be applicable




We are always trying to give up latest Airtel offer. We are only sharing offer from Airtel BD website. They can change any offer any time and we are not responsible for any data loss. We are highly recommended to check out our website and Airtel official website for latest updates.

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