How to active Teletalk 3G Internet Package (All in one)

Teletalk One Of the Best Bangladeshi Mobile Provider. Today We will show you how to active Teletalk 3G internet package.

How to active Teletalk 3.5G Service ??

1st : To subscribe any 3G data plan, type “subscription code” in message option and send to 111.

2nd : Buy any of the 3.5G data packs given below:

speed up to 1Mbps-3Mbps :

45 MB@8tk (2 Days validity). to active, dial *111*501#

100 MB@15tk (3 day validity). to active, dial *111*502#

250MB@25tk (3 day validity). to buy, dial *111*503#

150MB@20tk (7 days validity). to buy, dial *111*512#

300MB@35tk (10 days validity). to buy, dial *111*513#

• 1GB@70tk (10 days validity). to buy, dial *111*511#, 100% Bonus for 5 days.

1GB@100tk (15 days validity). to buy, dial *111*521#

2GB@150tk (15 days validity). to buy, dial *111*522#

1GB@180tk (30 days validity). to buy, dial*111*531# 100% Bonus for 7 days

2GB@270tk (30 days validity). to buy, dial *111*532#100% Bonus for 7 days

4GB@350tk +vat (30 days validity). to buy, dial *111*533 #100% Bonus for 7 days

1GB@99tk (30 days validity). to buy, dial *111*530#

Day-Night Pack (1+1)GB@ 150tk dial *111*534#

5GB@ 400tk (30 days validity). to buy, dial *111*550# 

10GB@ 750tk (30 days validity). to buy, dial *111*551# 

15GB@ 900tk (30 days validity). to buy, dial *111*552# 

25GB@ 1050tk (30 days validity). to buy, dial *111*553#

40GB@ 1500tk (30 days validity). to buy, dial *111*554#

Unlimited, up-to 60 GB @ 2000tk (30 days validity). to buy, dial *111*555#

• VAT,SD & Surcharge applicable


  • All prepaid & postpaid subscribers will be able to subscribe the above data packages
  • For day-night pack (D86) subscriber will be able to use 1 GB for 24 hours and the rest 1 GB can be used from 00:00 hrs to 10:00 AM only.
  • In case of off-peak data pack (D60), data is usable from 12AM to 6PM.
  • Unused data will be carried forward if same data package is availed before expiration of existing data pack (bonus data won’t be carried forward).
  • To subscribe any 3G data plan, type “subscription code” in message option and send to 111. For example, to subscribe weekly 1GB 3G Data plan, Type D58 & send to 111.
  •  In case of 2G network, speed is not applicable but data could be used.
  • After the expiration of availed data package, pay-per-use policy will be applied.Pay-per-use data rate is 1 KB/0.00102 Tk.
  • To check the usage of volume bundled package write ‘u‘ and send SMS to 111 and to know the balance dial *152#

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